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How to live a deliberate life

How to live a deliberate life

Luke Faccini

In this week’s episode Luke Faccini shares his less-than-optimal childhood experiences and how they’ve shaped him as a father. He discusses his journey of cleaning up his life and becoming a better person for his children. 

We get into Luke’s spiritual awakening and how it has changed his approach to life but the real kicker is when we dive into the modality he uses to help change his limiting beliefs and overcome resistance, it certainly surprised me.

Overall, Luke's story is one of personal growth, transformation, and the power of conscious living and I think you might take a lot out of it.

I hope you really enjoy, this episode with Luke Faccini.

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If you’d like to get in touch with Luke, you can visit his agency, The Sponge, here and find him on LinkedIn here.


  • Beliefs play a significant role in personal growth and can either accelerate or inhibit progress.

  • Psych-K can be applied in your personal life to improve your relationships and address personal challenges.

  • Awareness is key to your personal development and allows for introspection and understanding of one's actions.

  • A relationship built on growth involves a willingness to be wrong and a commitment to exploring the stories beneath your triggers and evolving together.

  • Empowering children with tools for personal growth can better equip them navigating their emotions and creating change.

  • Creating change for a livable world requires individuals to work through their trauma and align their efforts in a purposeful direction.

  • Removing blockages and baggage is essential for showing up for family and inspiring others through personal growth.

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