Sep 14, 2021 • 31M

Marc Fennell on the ground-breaking ABC series The School That Tried To End Racism

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Rich Bolus
Hi, I’m Rich Bolus. Join me as I explore insights from parents and experts as I apply a growth mindset to parenting.
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Award winning journalist, broadcaster, and author Marc Fennell is known for hosting SBS's The Feed and his one-on-one interviews with newsmakers such as Al Gore and Tom Cruise. In this conversation we discuss the up-coming TV series The School That Tried To End Racism, hosted by Marc, which is a ground-breaking pilot program designed to provide school children with the tools to identify racial bias and make positive change. It’s a really, really inspiring show and if it works the way I hope it will, it could make a big difference in not only how our children’s generation view racism, but also provide us as parents a great vehicle to discuss this complex topic with our kids.


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