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Beat procrastination with personal kanban

Beat procrastination with personal kanban

Hi there.

I hope you’re well.

This week I talk with writer and project consultant, Claire Emerson, about something that has radically improved the way I do things, and that is Personal Kanban.

If you ever suffer with procrastination or are feeling even the slightest bit overloaded, Personal Kanban is a great place to start. Developed by Jim Benson, Personal Kanban is a tactile, visual task management system that helps you:

  • organise

  • prioritise

  • and track your work.

It uses two main principles: visualising your work in an analogue setting, and limiting the amount of work you have on your metaphorical plate at any one time.

I find that it really provides clarity, reduces stress, and increases efficiency. Especially if you are more inclined to the kinaesthetic or visual learning styles like me.

So whether you’re trying to optimise your work so you feel more in control, or whether you have a massive list of family tasks that need to be coordinated, I can’t recommend it enough.

I hope you enjoy this chat with Claire.

If you’re interested in accessing Claire’s free course on how to get started with personal kanban (which is where I started) here’s the link:

Claire is also the curator of Flourish newsletter and the creator of Implement My Course — a free 10-day email course on how to apply what you learn without procrastination poisoning your progress, which you can join (free) here

You can check out Claire’s other work at:

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That’s about it for me this week.

Take care of yourself.

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