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The positive power of periods

The positive power of periods

Hormones are powerful, and understanding the four phases of the menstrual cycle will change your connection with the most important women in your life.

Lucy Peach, author of the book, Period Queen, creator of the live stage show, My Greatest Period Ever, will take you on a journey into a world you never wanted to know anything about, but you’ll be so glad you did.

This was arguably the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever had, but one of the most important.

Thank me later.

Big hug.

“It’s about being really present and curious and open and just acknowledging that this is a part of who you are and there is nothing about you my daughter that is too big or too scary or too uncomfortable for me because I’m your dad and you can talk to me about any part of it. If you’re feeling this here and you want to talk about it I’m your guy. If you’re feeling this and you just want to let off some steam or go and chuck some rocks off a bridge, hit me up. What could it be like if you knew that your dad was available for all the parts of you and how the would that set you up for relationships and letting you know what you could expect down the track if you choose to have a relationship with a man.”

- Lucy Peach

If you enjoyed this chat, you’ll love Lucy’s podcast series, Period Queen, and her book Period Queen: Life hack your cycle and own your power all month long.

Connect with Lucy on her website and on Instagram @lucypeaches

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