Dec 10, 2020 • 39M

Beau Miles on rights of passage, making movies about the human condition and sleeping in trees

Filmmaker, speaker, writer and new-father, Beau Miles, on trusting yourself to be odd

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Rich Bolus
Hi, I’m Rich Bolus. Join me as I explore insights from parents and experts as I apply a growth mindset to parenting.
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This week I talk with filmmaker, adventurer, writer and recent father, Beau Miles. You may have seen him in some of his epic short films like 'A Mile an Hour' and 'Run the Line'. Beau is beautifully authentic and has a great perspective on this crazy thing called the human condition. I hope you enjoy this chat with Beau.

You can find Beau's website here and this is probably the best movie of Beau's to check out first: