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Bikepacking 4000km with a family of 5 across New Zealand

Bikepacking 4000km with a family of 5 across New Zealand

From riding the rapids of the Yukon to bike packing 4000km across New Zealand, the Braaksma family are beacons of how to live a life of adventure with a young family.

In this episode Adrian Braaksma describes:

  • White water rafting with young kids in the Yukon

  • Avalanche monitoring and guiding

  • Easing kids into adventure so as not to put the kids off at an early age

  • Making everything fun and ease the pressure (turn a 5 day walk into 7)

  • Make it more about the journey, not the destination

  • Bob Trailer

  • Chariot

  • Cars giving them a wide-berth due to the buggy

  • Danny MacAskill

  • Two week tester

  • Culling gear

  • The essentials

  • You don’t need a lot

  • Food is the bulk of the gear

  • Peanut butter, nuts and raisins

  • Dry clothing at the end of the day

  • Hardening to the conditions and living outdoors

  • Hills and backroads

  • Getting excited about helping each other

  • The worst day

  • Looking after a remote lodge

  • Starting the North Island at the end of the winter

  • Learning on the road

  • Learning the geography first-hand

  • Connecting with each community

  • Things you miss

  • Keeping in touch with friends

  • Relating to adults

  • Avoiding burn-out (no downtime)

  • Like doing a 10 day trip one after another

  • Pre-plan as much as you can and modify with weather and COVID

  • Take three tents so you could have time-out

  • Campsites, cabins and random free-camping

  • 8-10 punctures in one day

  • 20in tyres have many more revolutions than bigger tyres

  • Lost a couple of steering heads and cranks

  • Cycle shorts (fat nappies) a must

  • The gear (20L dry bag) Older kids carried 26L paniers

  • Carrying up to 20L+ of water on some days

  • Needing a water filter

  • 90% of route was gravel road or trail

  • Taking the long route to stay on trails

  • NZ is a big place and a small place all at once

  • How would you do it different

  • Putting bikes on planes

  • Alaska, Nepal and seeing sloths in South America

  • Missions closer to home

  • So many options in the world

  • Seeing glaciers carving

  • Stand out features

  • Best activities

  • Hot water beach in Coromandel

  • Getting a lift on a jet boat

  • Planning for a trip like this

  • Better to buy a cheaper, bigger tent so that it lasts

  • Ulcers and muscle cramps due to porridge noodles and wraps (where’s your veggies and meat)

  • Multivitamins as fruit and veg not always available

  • Dream food

  • A couple of weeks to adjust back

  • The bikes lasting

  • Camping in a sand storm

  • Essentials (disc brakes due to buckles, good gearing)

  • Regular bike maintenance

  • Homeschooling by correspondence (almost 3 banana boxes)

  • Laptop mainly for homeschooling

  • Getting reception

  • InReach satellite-text device

  • Snow storms and wind storms blowing bikes over tents

  • Riding in the dark

  • When a river runs through your tent

  • Teddy out the pram moments being amplified by being tired

  • Next trips

  • The same amount of packing required for 5 days as 10

  • 5 sets of gear to tidy up

  • The benefits of stringing trips together

  • The kids in charge of their own gear and food

  • Building the kids’ confidence

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