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True Wealth with Gordo Byrn

True Wealth with Gordo Byrn

Hello, I hope you’re well.

This week I chat with Ultraman Hawaii Champion, Gordo Byrn, on:

  • Determining what living well as a family is

  • Teaching your kids the power of compounding and

  • How to stay fit and healthy into your later years.

Gordo, has not only performed at an elite level of endurance athletics but also in the world of finance, and now for the last decade or so he has been applying that elite mindset to how to be a better parent so I really hope you enjoy and take a lot of inspiration from this conversation with Gordo.

I strongly recommend that you check out Gordo’s blog, True Wealth. It’s been a font of parenting inspiration for me.

You can also find details of how to play The Allowance Game with your own kids here.

If you’d like to reach out to Gordo, you can find him on Twitter here.

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