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Dealing with losing a child

Dealing with losing a child

With Micheal Judd

In 2018 Michael Judd and his wife Trish went through an experience that every parent dreads, having a child diagnosed with cancer. 

In this episode, Michael describes how having lost his daughter to medulloblastoma he almost lost everything else. It’s an extraordinary tale of transformation and one with a silver lining. Not only has this experience been the catalyst for starting an incredible wellbeing movement supporting many men to thrive and grow but there is also a beautiful next chapter.

Some of the things I took from this are:

  • The importance of reaching out to people to just tell them you love them—you never know, it might save someone’s life

  • Being there for the long haul when people are battling ordeals as a family

  • The power of service to others and how it helps you as well

  • Service as a starting place for finding meaning

The wellbeing group Juddy set up is call DIIGG (Doing Imperfect Inner Growth in Groups) and you can find it on Instagram here.

If you’d like to reach out to Michael his email is

Lastly, if you are in Torquay on Sunday 30th April (i.e. today) and would like to get along to their next event it is going to be held at Ocean Grind at 6pm.

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