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Life treats you better when you change your perspective

Life treats you better when you change your perspective

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This week’s episode of the Dad Mindset podcast will make you a better parent, partner and person. It’s a lofty claim, I know, but it’s one I’m going to stand by.

While Matthew Dicks’ wife might say that he’s a fundamentally unlikeable person who tells a good story, she means it in the best possible sense.

Matt has been through so much that he has a refreshing perspective on life that I think we could do well to emulate.

His experience teaching Grade 5 kids meshed with his ability to codify the storytelling process is a masterclass in upping your parenting and communication skills.

In this episode you’ll learn some key ways to put bad experiences in a box, prime the world to be kinder to you, and how to tell better stories—which in turn will help you become more engaging in all areas of your life.

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If you’d like to check out Matt’s recent book Stories Sell or his original breakdown of the story telling process Storyworthy check out his website.

His books are also available on Audible and Amazon

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