Mar 13, 2021 • 45M

Michael Ray on parental gender equality, being mindful of the trade offs we make and how to raise critical thinkers

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Rich Bolus
Hi, I’m Rich Bolus. Join me as I explore insights from parents and experts as I apply a growth mindset to parenting.
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This week I talk with solo dad, writer and public speaker, Michael Ray, on parental gender equality, the trade offs you are making and how to raise critical thinkers.

I really enjoyed listening to what Michael said about it being easier for a dad to have children than children to have a dad in today’s society—between work pressures, and outdated gender expectations. I think we have a lot to do to establish a better balance in parenting and the work Michael is doing in this area is fantastic.

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Michael also has a book called 'Who Knew?' releasing in June 2021 (pre-orders from April)