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Would you let someone to speak to your kids the way you talk to yourself?

Would you let someone to speak to your kids the way you talk to yourself?

I’m curious…

How do you talk to yourself? Would you be happy for someone to speak to your kids in the same way? Do you often find yourself speaking to the ones you love the worst?

Self-talk has such a massive impact on your sense of wellbeing (and those around you) yet it’s easy to overlook when it’s not aligned with the type of parent or person we aspire to be.

Family and child counsellor, Jacintha Field, shares the importance of healing, self-reflection, and taking responsibility for one's actions as well as the power of self-opinion and setting boundaries for self-care in this week’s conversation. She highlights the significance of self-talk and the impact it has on our relationships, especially with our children.

And if you ever struggle with ‘people pleasing’ tendencies, Jacintha can set you straight.

“The only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself”

If you’d like to find out more about Jacintha’s work or get in touch with her, you can find her at:

Main Takeaways

  • Teach children about self-awareness, standing in their power, and not taking on other people's opinions of them

  • Healing and self-reflection are essential for personal growth and becoming a better parent

  • Set boundaries and prioritise self-care to avoid burnout and be present for your children

  • Practice self-love and speak kindly to yourself, as it sets the standard for your relationships with others. Self-love and putting yourself first are essential for single moms to navigate the challenges of parenting

  • Supporting children through transitions requires patience, understanding, and being present for them

  • Effective communication in co-parenting can be helped with tools like Chat GPT to maintain kindness and clarity

  • Accepting change and growth in relationships is important, and it's essential to have boundaries and inner circles for support

  • Teaching children self-regulation techniques, such as breathwork, can help them manage their emotions.


00:00 Teaching Children Self-Awareness

01:03 Personal Growth Journey

03:18 Taking Responsibility and Forgiveness

05:02 Helping Kids and Starting a Business

06:01 The Joy of Helping Kids

08:22 The Power of Self-Opinion

09:45 Setting Boundaries and Prioritising Self-Care

11:12 Starting the Practice of Self-Love

12:06 Being Honest with Yourself

13:30 The Importance of Self-Talk

15:20 Speaking Kindly to Ourselves and Others

16:14 Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Integration

19:40 Acknowledging and Supporting Children's Emotions

22:03 Creating a Safe Space for Children

23:27 Recognising the Impact of Daily Experiences on Children

25:23 Open Communication and Compassion

26:47 Avoiding Emotions and Procrastination

27:45 The Importance of Self-Love and Putting Yourself First

28:30 The Challenges and Growth of Being a Single Mum

29:11 Supporting Children Through Transitions

32:05 Co-Parenting and Communication

34:49 Navigating Dietary Restrictions in Co-Parenting

36:21 Using Chat GPT for Effective Communication

40:21 Accepting Change and Growth in Relationships

43:13 Navigating Relationships and Loss During Separation

44:12 The Importance of Boundaries and Inner Circles

48:48 Teaching Children Self-Regulation Techniques

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